Above: Rietfontein crèche and pre-school principal Clerina Coenraad (left) and Rietfontein Waitrose Foundation committee member Rozanne Carolus with one of the stunning new interior murals painted by Funky Murals at the Rietfontein crèche.

The Waitrose Foundation is the corporate social responsibility entity attached to the premium UK retailer Waitrose. The Foundation is committed to investing in the socio-economic development of farm workers and their families on the farms that supply Waitrose. As part of this initiative the Foundation returns funding to the farms to improve the quality of life for farm workers and provides them with the opportunity to choose how to best utilise the funding.

As Graaff Fruit supplies Waitrose, the Rietfontein Waitrose Foundation committee members had recently utilised a portion of their Waitrose funding to commission the decorative painting company Funky Murals to decorate the interior and outdoor playing area at the Rietfontein crèche.

In February the directors of the Waitrose Foundation visited the Rietfontein crèche and pre-school facility to meet the staff and children and to see the childcare facilities at Rietfontein. They were received by the principal of the Rietfontein pre-school and crèche Clerina Coenraad and Rozanne Carolus, a member of the Waitrose Foundation committee at Rietfontein and a parent of one of the children that attends the facility.

Rozanne delivered a presentation that was very well received and the visitors had the opportunity to meet the children and staff. They enjoyed the day and loved the murals. Some of them rolled up their sleeves and had some fun assisting with the creation of a colourful new mural!