Justin Baartman has been working in the agricultural sector for 20 years, and in this time, he has progressed from general worker to production manager at Romansrivier. He has always dreamed of pursuing tertiary studies, and Graaff Fruit presented Justin with the opportunity to follow this ambition. In 2009 Justin completed his B. Agri Degree. He has been employed at Romansrivier since then and still nurtured the dream to further his tertiary education.

Justin did resume his studies and after two years of hard work, he recently received his Master’s degree in Sustainable Agriculture. At his graduation, Justin expressed his gratitude to those who had supported him through this time, particularly his wife Merilyn. “Without Merilyn’s support, I simply would not have managed,” says Justin.

Congratulations, Justin. This is a remarkable achievement and Graaff Fruit celebrates your determination and commitment.