Graaff Packing is a state-of-the-art fruit packing and cold storage facility that was established at Lushof in 2002. The facility has since been expanded and today it is approximately 20 000m² in size and packs 25 000 tons of fruit annually.

Superior fruit needs superior packing and owning our own facilities gives us more control, ensuring that our fruit arrives at supermarkets in excellent condition. Besides packing our own fruit, we also provide fruit packing services for several other producers in the area.

Our facilities are designed for the absolute minimal handling of the fruit. From orchard to shelf, we package the best quality fruit as gently, efficiently and productively as possible. Fruit of the right size and maturity is placed in the appropriate carton at the optimal temperature. The cold chain is then maintained through strict control mechanisms, ensuring our fruit has the longest possible shelf-life. Within 48 hours of harvesting, we have our peaches and nectarines packed and cooled down to 0.5°C at the highest possible relative air humidity.

Our pack house regularly undergoes quality standard auditing for various industry certifications and complies with all major and several customer specific fruit industry accreditations. (For more information see Accreditations)

For quality assurance, traceability is important for us. That’s why we make sure that each carton of fruit can be traced back to the exact orchard, harvest date, packing date and packer. We also keep samples from each batch to determine the shelf-life of the fruit.