Graaff Packing


Discover our state-of-the-art fruit packing and cold storage facility, established at Lushof in 2002. Over the years, it has expanded to approximately 20,000m², packing an impressive 32,000 tons of fruit annually.

Size and Capacity:

Explore the vast expanse of our facility and learn how it ensures the efficient and gentle packaging of superior fruit.

Control and Efficiency:

Delve into how owning our facilities gives us control over the entire process, guaranteeing that our fruit reaches supermarkets in impeccable condition.


In addition to packing our own produce, we extend our services to several other local producers, contributing to a thriving regional industry.

Our Commitment to Superior Fruit Handling

Our commitment to quality shines through our meticulous processes, from minimal fruit handling to efficient packaging and maintaining optimal temperatures for extended shelf-life. Within 48 hours of harvesting, our peaches and nectarines are expertly packed and cooled down to 0.5°C, preserving freshness.

Owning our facilities grants us unparalleled control, ensuring that our fruit reaches supermarkets in impeccable condition. Beyond packing our own produce, we extend our services to local producers, actively contributing to the thriving regional fruit industry. At Graaff Packing, precision and freshness converge to define the essence of superior fruit packing expertise. Explore the excellence that sets Graaff Packing apart as a trusted name in the industry.

Quality Assurance and Shelf-Life



Gain insights into our quality assurance practices, where samples from each batch are kept to determine the shelf-life of the fruit.


Reiterate the importance of traceability for quality assurance, reinforcing our commitment to transparency and accountability.


A dedicated section linking to more information about our industry certifications and accreditations.

"Explore Graaff Packing, where precision meets freshness in every carton of fruit we pack."