Above: Graaff Packing employees hiked to Koekedouw Dam in aid of Cancer and general health awareness.

In October, a group of roughly 50 Graaff Packing staff members undertook an organised hike to the Koekedouw Dam. Along with the main organiser Rachel Engelbrecht of Graaff Packing, Graaff Fruit food safety official Yavini September assisted with the planning and explained the purpose of the event as follows. “The motivation for this hike was to raise awareness about cancer as well as to promote general health. During lockdown, many people were not able to exercise and this was to encourage people to start exercising again. More specifically, this was initially motivated to support one of our work colleagues, who was battling cancer. The good news is that she has since won her fight against leukaemia.”

The group of approximately 50 Graaff Packing employees set off from the base of the mountain in the early morning and walked up the mountain road to the Koekedouw Dam. This is a walk up a considerable gradient and the group walked along the beautiful and scenic route to the dam and back down to the valley floor during the course of the morning. The transport to and from the start and end point was sponsored by Jafta’s Transport and refreshments were sponsored by Pioneer Foods Groceries and Ceres Fruit Juices.