Graaff Fruit management during one of the Workplace challenge training sessions underway at Graaff Fruit.

Graaff Fruit has started with the Workplace Challenge (WPC), a proactive ongoing training initiative to actively encourage and facilitate negotiated change within the workplace in order to improve productivity and job creation.

Our management team is fully committed to this exciting new challenge and the full management team, including our CEO, middle management and team leaders are embracing this opportunity to improve the company’s working environment.

The Workplace Challenge (WPC) is a joint initiative of the National Economic Development Labour Council (Nedlac) and the Department of Trade and Industry (dti). The training is being offered by Productivity SA. Graaff Fruit is currently implementing the first workplace transformation module of the system which is called Goal Alignment which aims to communicate and align goals and targets throughout the organisation and this is identified by the system as the starting place for continuous improvement within the company.