Graaff Fruit - Our People

Our People

Our people form the backbone of our farming operation.

We realise that our business would not exist without them and that healthy worker relations lead to a healthy business. We continuously nurture good working relationships with our staff members, maintain ethical practices and work towards continual improvement of their living standards. Through investment and training we create opportunities for each individual to realise and achieve his/her own ambitions.

All Graaff Fruit farms have community centres and crèches where infants are professionally cared for while their parents work. We provide our people with sport facilities such as rugby, soccer and netball fields and a tennis court as well as providing them with the opportunity to practice other sports. We are proud to say that, as a result of these opportunities, some of the children of our workers children have obtained provincial colours for sport.

The Witzenberg Municipal clinic, our local state clinic visits our farms once a month to administer primary health care services to our workers and their children.

As part of our Human Resources support programme, Graaff Fruit also offers the services of PROCARE to our personnel. Procare is a national association of professional counsellors and trainers that provides psycho-social services. They provide services to various businesses including farms and they offer a range of counselling services for adults, couples, families and children as well as group skills development and training programmes. Participation in these services is voluntary and counselling sessions are subject to confidentiality. PROCARE services have proved popular and highly effective and are an integral part of the HR service we provide for our personnel.

We thank the Waitrose Foundation and the Albert Heijn Foundation for their ongoing support.