Graaff Fruit - Our Location

Our Location

The Ceres Valley, named after the Roman goddess of fertility, is renowned for producing some of the best quality fruit in the world.

Our original farm and pack house are at Lushof, located near Prince Alfred Hamlet in the Ceres Valley, Approximately 160km North-east from Cape Town. Here we produce top fruit and stone fruit.

Romansrivier is located near Wolseley in the Breede River Valley. Here we produce stone fruit under nets.

Rietfontein is in the Koue Bokkeveld region near Op-die-Berg. Here we produce top fruit, stone fruit and onions.

As our production units are at 300m (Romansrivier), 550m (Lushof) and 900m (Rietfontein) above sea level, we have the advantage of a considerable variance of climate and chill unit levels between our production units. This makes it possible for us to grow a wide range of varieties in conditions best suited to each. Considering the range of local variables such as soil type and slope direction, each variety is grown where the terroir is most suitable to it.

We are thus able to produce cherries where it snows in winter and early peaches and nectarines where there is no spring frost.

For more than a decade Graaff Fruit has been one of the pioneers in the region to take advantage of the local high chill climate to produce several new peach, nectarine and plum varieties that are ideally suited to these conditions. These are mostly Bradford, PSB, Zaiger, and Sunworld varieties and we can proudly say that they are far superior to previous varieties grown in the area.