Graaff Fruit- Our Business

Our Business

Graaff Fruit is a company entrenched in traditional values, with contemporary ideas.

We are driven by progressive innovation and have a well-defined company culture of providing our customers with the best possible fruit in every aspect. We are chiefly producers of top quality stone, pome fruit and table grapes as well as onions.

We have achieved complete vertical integration through involvement in the entire supply chain through intellectual property management, nursery, production, packing, shipping and marketing our product.

We believe in preserving what Mother Nature provides.

We are in partnership with nature. With our roots firmly grounded in Africa, we also feel a strong sense of social responsibility towards our community and our country. It influences the way we farm, invest and do business.

Besides being a reputable supplier to the local market, 60% of our yield is shipped to supermarkets in the UK, Europe, Canada, the US, Russia, the Middle East and Far East.