About Us

The Graaff family buys Lushof farm in PA Hamlet, Western Cape.
Robert Graaff begins farming at Lushof, growing 80ha pears with 20 employees. An expansion plan aims for 220ha.

Graaff Packing Pack House is built at Lushof.

Acquires 20% stake in Leopont, owner of Welgemeen Farm with 60% BBBEE ownership.
Builds Woolworths facility in Graaff Packing. Also acquires 7.5% share in Delecta Holdings (Pty) Ltd.
Leases Romansrivier, plants 30ha stonefruit. Robert Graaff wins Young Farmer of the Year.
Acquires 33% of Graaff Nursery (Pty) Ltd., with associates Rosenhof Nursery and TopFruit.
Graaff Packing expands. Delecta distributes, exports, and markets stone fruit from Home Park Estate, Zimbabwe.

Graaff Fruit acquired Romansrivier, Wolseley, planting 90ha of stone fruit trees for expansion.


Romans Fruit (Pty) Ltd. starts a 57ha pear BBBEE project, with Graaff Fruit holding 60% and senior staff 40%.


Groenvlei Farm (Pty) Ltd. (De Villiers Graaff) gained a 10% share in Graaff Fruit, while Buffalo Fruit Marketing, in which Graaff Fruit holds 50%, was established. 


Graaff Fruit expanded its facilities with a 6640-bin CA storage at Graaff Packing. 


Acquiring Rietfontein, a 400ha farm in the Koue Bokkeveld Region, Graaff Fruit enhanced its agricultural portfolio. 


Shareholding in Delecta Pty Ltd rose to 63.5%. Venturing into Namibia, Graaff Fruit acquired a 49% stake in Orange River Farm Investments (Pty) Ltd. (ORVI), a table grape farm in Aussenkehr.


Rietfontein sees the start of orchard expansion, Lushof's orchards undergo renewal, and Graaff Packing installs a new MAF Roda pack line to boost capacity.


Lushof (1 Ha) and Rietfontein (6.3 Ha) expand with cherry plantings.


Rietfontein farm adds 20 ha of nectarines under netting for enhanced cultivation.


Graaff Fruit produces and packs 32,000+ tons annually. Delecta exports 5+ million cartons globally from 120 suppliers to 42 countries.


At Graaff Fruit, we honour age-old values while embracing modern concepts. Our dedication to progressive innovation shapes a culture centred on delivering the finest fruit across every spectrum. We excel in producing premium stone and pome fruits, table grapes, and onions.

Complete vertical integration is the cornerstone of our operations. From intellectual property management, nursery, and production, to packing, shipping, and marketing, we oversee the entire supply chain. This ensures that the quality of our fruit meets the highest standards.

We are staunch advocates for preserving the gifts bestowed by Mother Nature. Our partnership with the environment is integral to our ethos, rooted deeply in the African soil. This sense of responsibility extends to our community and nation, influencing every facet of our farming practices, investments, and business endeavours.

In addition to being a trusted local supplier, we proudly export 60% of our yield to supermarkets in the UK, Europe, Canada, the US, Russia, the Middle East, and Far East. Join us at Graaff Fruit, where tradition meets innovation, and taste the future of premium fruit production.


Our valued Team

Our people are the cornerstone of our farming enterprise. We recognise that without them, our business would not thrive, and that fostering positive worker relations is fundamental to our success. We are dedicated to maintaining ethical practices and continually enhancing the living standards of our staff members.

Through investment and training, we create opportunities for each individual to pursue and achieve their personal aspirations. Every Graaff Fruit farm boasts community centres and crèches, ensuring that infants are cared for professionally while their parents work. Additionally, we provide sports facilities including rugby, soccer, netball, and tennis courts, allowing our team members to engage in a variety of physical activities. We take pride in the fact that some of the children of our workers have earned provincial sports honours through these opportunities.

The Witzenberg Municipal Clinic, a local state facility, visits our farms monthly to administer primary healthcare services to our workers and their children.

As part of our Human Resources support programme, we offer the services of PROCARE to our personnel. PROCARE is a national association of professional counsellors and trainers, providing psycho-social services. They offer a range of counselling services for adults, couples, families, and children, as well as group skills development and training programmes. Participation in these services is voluntary and counselling sessions are held in strict confidentiality. PROCARE services have proven to be both popular and highly effective, forming an integral part of the HR support we provide to our personnel.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the Waitrose Foundation and the Albert Heijn Foundation for their ongoing support.