The matriculants living on our farms recently received their results for the senior certificate exams, written after an extremely disruptive school year. Graaff Fruit would like to congratulate the successful 2020 matriculants on their considerable achievement.

Earlier in 2020, Graaff Fruit donated and distributed 25 laptop computers to the high school pupils of staff members who live on the Graaff Fruit farms. The funds for this project were sourced from premiums returned to Graaff Fruit by the Waitrose Foundation, and are derived from sales of our fruit in Waitrose supermarkets in the United Kingdom.

Following the completion and success with their senior certificate exams, the matriculants reported that the laptop computers had proved invaluable to them for their studies during their matric year. Following receiving these laptops in May, the matriculants have again expressed their gratitude to Graaff Fruit and the Waitrose Foundation for this gift.